At RS Group Real Estate we are known for being a real estate agency specializing in real estate sales.

We provide international and local clients with a select list of properties to help you find a dream property in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.
We are facilitators, not salespeople; we make sure to listen to you to be able to advise you, support you and get what you want and where you want it and thus fulfill all your objectives in the purchase of your property.

We are not sellers, we are consultants, with our years of experience, we can guide you in the totality of this process, providing a service that allows you to buy the property of your dreams and satisfy your goals, not ours.
At RS Group we also fully understand the numerous needs of international clients and guide you through the process of finding your ideal property at the location that best suits your lifestyle.



Property Purchase Services

We prepare a comprehensive Due Diligence report

on your possible purchase before you sign any documentation to help ensure the security of your money and your peace of mind.

We write, prepare and review the following documents regarding your real estate investment:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Reserve document
  • Arras Agreement
  • Purchase Deed


RS Group Real Estate communicates with the Notary to review the necessary documents together with the assistance in the Property Agreement.


We ensure correct registration of the Property Title Deed at the Land Registry Office.


RS Property Group also oversees the execution of the payment of taxes (Transfer Tax and VAT), Notary & Registry Fees.

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