Property Investment

We perfectly understand the real estate investment in Barcelona

Because we are actors in this process, and we are happy to share our experience to help you use your capital wisely. We advise you on the best option to buy real estate according to your needs, either to reform, to rent or simply to invest to sell in the future, as well as to buy lots to build.

It is noteworthy that the wise investment in the property of Barcelona is double because it has two interesting characteristics:

Return on Investment (ROI)
We can advise on how to get the most monthly and annual income from your new investment.

Capital Gain (CG)
We all look for the best CG of property investment. This will vary according to the place where you make your purchase. We are pleased to provide historical statistics on which areas have achieved the best GC and where the best possible GC can be achieved in the future.



Barcelona is characterized by the great differentiation of its areas, from the hustle and bustle of El Raval, Las Ramblas, and L’Eixample, to the more relaxed Grace or the vitality of Borne and the charm of Barri Gotic. Our property service of RS Group Real Estate is provided from the comfort of our facilities, where we help you identify the ideal area where you want to make your investment, ensuring that the process does not become too long and even in vain, to see places that they do not adapt to your requirements, on the contrary, teaching you only the best options for you and your capital to invest.


Our philosophy is based on understanding what you want (brief) in addition to your budget and the area where you want to buy, in this way we organize a selection of properties that adapt to what you need without wasting your valuable time.


Understanding how and how much you want to invest is fundamental to the satisfaction for both parties. We help you understand the exact costs of buying, establishing and maintaining a real estate investment in Barcelona.


In most cases, it is possible to buy a property below the sale price. We guide you through this process to help you pay the correct price for your investment.


After finding a suitable property and before starting the negotiation process, we recommend our Building Inspection Service. This service has a fixed rate and is carried out by a Registered Technician who, among other things, verifies the structural integrity of the building, the state of the hidden beams, covered bricks, structural walls, electrical installation status according to the regulations current, location of the downspouts and the water and gas supply network; critical issues if a reform is foreseen, keep in mind that the elimination of dividing walls of spaces, and the exhibition of beams and bricks is what most renters and buyers of reformed properties look for.


Our work at RS Group Real Estate includes advice for the contracting of all public services, water, gas, electricity, high-speed optical fiber, the payment of fees by local authorities, and registration in the community of owners.


RS Group Real Estate also gives you practical advice on simple matters such as the best supermarkets, pharmacies or other specialized shops to make purchases, contact details for medical specialists and emergency services.