Property Management

Our Owner Management Plan is developed so that your property has an error-free, open and transparent administration.

We understand, from our extensive experience in property management, that owners want an administration that guarantees peace of mind by not having any problem with their property and the farm in general, as well as profitability by having their timely payments in the case of real estate for rent.

Through our RS Group Real Estate Management Plan we provide all the services related to the rental, accounting, and maintenance of your real estate investments.



RS Group Real Estate works with the most reliable rental platforms in the market, and also makes sure to select the right tenant. We verify all the possible references to tenants and advise if we believe a link is necessary. At RS Group Real Estate our internal legal department handles all the leasing documentation. We provide our landlords with an easy-to-read document that clearly identifies our obligations to successfully manage your investment.


It is essential to assess the rental of your property at a reasonable price. The objective must have rental continuity for your investment to guarantee constant income. We understand the market, we can advise on what rent can be achieved in the area where your investment is located.


We are happy to review this pricing analysis whenever a lease is due to expires and prior to a new lease opportunity being advertised.


Regularly, the RS Property Group team will inspect your investment to ensure tenant compliance and check that your property is secure.


We appreciate that without excellent visual photos, it is impossible to represent your property correctly. As such, at RS Property Group, we offer a complimentary property photographic service to promote your apartment to help ensure a quick leasing contract.


At RS Property Group we use our own website together with other associated Real Estate websites to ensure your property is leased within a very short period. We understand that if you do not make money, nor will we.


As part of RS Property Group’s Landlord Management Plan, we provide a full maintenance and upgrade service. We can manage kitchen and bathroom upgrades, appliance replacement and can look after those nightly issues such as key and lock replacement together with plumbing, electrical and carpentry services. Our Maintenance Team can economically handle any problem, no matter how large or small.


We help and guide tenants through the often-tricky registration of all utilities and provide support in their establishment of a local bank account.


At RS Property Group we pride ourselves on our transparency. With every payment you receive from us, we provide a detailed account of all income and expenditure, including copies of invoices of any maintenance or upgrade services managed or organized by RS Property Group.


As a fully licensed Real Estate Agency (API), we can lease your property for 32 days, Middle Term (6 to 11 months), Long Term (12 to 36 months) or any other period greater than 32 days to suit your specific needs. The lease term is completely at your discretion.